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Townsend and Diana | Thomasville, GA Wedding Photographer

Things have been a little quiet here on the blog as I took some time off to welcome our precious baby boy Noah into the world (he is now a regular over on my Instagram feed!). I am happy to say I am back and running full speed again! Today I get to share Townsend and Diana’s sweet southern wedding with you. Their love story all started when Diana noticed a cute boy studying in the library- she asked him for a piece of scratch paper and the rest is history. These two have a warm and inviting love and it was such an honor to document their big day.

Thomasville Wedding Collage 1 Thomasville Georgia Wedding-6 Thomasville Georgia Wedding-9 Thomasville Wedding Collage 2 Thomasville Georgia Wedding-13 Thomasville Wedding-49 Thomasville Wedding-50 Thomasville Wedding-49-2 Thomasville Wedding Collage 4 Thomasville Georgia Wedding-19 Thomasville Georgia Wedding-7 Thomasville Georgia Wedding-8 Thomasville Wedding Collage 3 Thomasville Wedding-58 Thomasville Wedding Collage 5 Thomasville Wedding-61 Thomasville Wedding Collage 6 Thomasville Wedding-62 Thomasville Wedding-66 Thomasville Wedding-67 Thomasville Georgia Wedding-1 Thomasville Wedding Collage 9 Thomasville Wedding-78 Thomasville Wedding-86 Thomasville Wedding-87 Thomasville Wedding-79 Thomasville Wedding-80 Thomasville Wedding Collage 7 Thomasville Wedding-73 Thomasville Wedding Collage 8 Thomasville Wedding-76 Thomasville Wedding-88Thomasville Wedding-81 Thomasville Wedding Collage 10 Thomasville Wedding Collage 11 Thomasville Wedding-91 Thomasville Wedding-84 Thomasville Wedding-85



Mycah - WOW, Sarah! Absolutely stunning. Just beautiful. You perfectly captured Townsend and Diana’s sweet love. :)

Tim and Sarah | Tallahassee, FL Engagement Photographer

As some of you may know, I am now only days away from my due date with baby #2, who has a name by the way! We can’t wait to meet baby Noah any day now (and if I’m being honest…sooner rather than later!). While I wait on this little man to make his debut, I wanted to share some favorites from my last pre-baby engagement session of this year! Help me welcome Tim and Sarah to the Sarah Stephens Photography family and be sure to check back for pictures from their big day coming later this year!

SSP Tallahassee Engagement-1 SSP Tallahassee Engagement-5 SSP Tallahassee Engagement-7 SSP Tallahassee Engagement-2 SSP Tallahassee Engagement-4 SSP Tallahassee Engagement-10SSP Tallahassee Engagement-28 SSP Tallahassee Engagement-9SSP Tallahassee Engagement-8SSP Tallahassee Engagement-3 SSP Tallahassee Engagement-6 SSP Tallahassee Engagement-11 SSP Tallahassee Engagement-12 SSP Tallahassee Engagement-13 SSP Tallahassee Engagement-29 SSP Tallahassee Engagement-14 SSP Tallahassee Engagement-15

SSP Tallahassee Engagement-18 SSP Tallahassee Engagement-16 SSP Tallahassee Engagement-17 SSP Tallahassee Engagement-19 SSP Tallahassee Engagement-20 SSP Tallahassee Engagement-21



Admittedly this is a random week (week 10) from this project but it is one of my favorites! It was one of the first days of the year that wrapped us in sunshine and springtime so we spent some time playing outside in our backyard. I actually have been staying true to the 52 project I first mentioned here but I have been horrible about sharing them with you all! While it would be a bit of an overload of weekly pictures to get totally caught up, I will say it has been fun (and heart-wrenching all at the same time!) to see how much Story girl has changed and is changing. My sweet chubby cheeked squishy baby girl is now a tall toddler able to look at me and say “Hi Mama” or wrap her arms around my neck and kiss me on the cheek. I never want that to stop. She also loves to run into our room and say “Wake up Da-da!” (definitely a popular phrase in our house). When she finally falls asleep (usually on my lap) it’s all I can do not to kiss her all over just so I can see that smile one more time. Watching the rise and fall of her chest, I am so grateful for every minute I have with her, and I am overcome with the honor of being her mom. We are about one month away from baby brother’s arrival, and my prayer is that despite the craziness I will find time to watch her sleep and hold on to every moment of her as mommy’s baby girl.

Week 10
“A portrait of my children once a week, every week, for 2014.”
You may recognize the floral-wreath-crown-turned-necklace from this shoot! Love this sweet girl and her growing imagination (and girly-ness!).

03_01_Story Week 10 Collage

Tomorrow is my last wedding before our little man makes his big debut! So excited for Jon & Annie’s big day! Wishing you all a sweet weekend and a very happy Friday!